Mom Organizing Moms Launches Two Product Lines

by Mom Organizing Moms

Posted on March 3, 2018

Mom Organizing Moms LLC has launched a new line of products this March. These products include The West Chester and Mary Jane Lane Collections.

Mom Organizing Moms has released several products to offer solutions to achieve a more organized life. The West Chester Collection products include: the Packable Purse, the Wear It On Your Wristlet, the All in One Place Card Wallet and Snap Wallet, and the Prussian Checkbook Cover. The Mary Jane Lane Collection includes the Circle of Friends Napkin Ring and the Family and Friends Leather Placemat.

West Chester Collection

“Our goal at Mom Organizing Moms is to be a refreshment to mothers and families. We are thrilled to offer our new product line to help families stay organized in the home as well as on the go,” said President and Founder Tammy Maharrey. The goal of these products is to help keep things organized without sacrificing style.

Leather Collection

The Mary Jane Lane Collection is inspired and designed from our founder’s early childhood memories in West Chester, Pennsylvania. Tammy grew up in a beautiful place and time. She played outside with her friends on Mary Jane Lane until their moms would call them home for dinner. Dinner was a sacred time of day where all the children would run home when they saw their father’s car drive up. Tammy remembers how her mother would have delicious meals prepared from their garden and fresh meats and dessert from the Amish Deli where her mother worked. It was a time when children looked forward to seeing their family at the dinner table and sharing love and genuine interest for each other and what went on in their day. It is our hope that these beautiful leather placemats and napkin rings will inspire families across our nation to take the time to be together and enjoy each other around the dinner table as did the families on Mary Jane Lane in Pennsylvania.

The West Chester collection invokes similar memories. Tammy spent her young childhood in West Chester, Pennsylvania. The inspiration for the Packable Purse came from her Easter memories. Each year when she was a young girl, she and her mother would go to buy a new Easter purse and dress.  We hope to find ways to lighten the load of mothers so they will have more time to spend creating fond memories like this with their children. Each West Chester Collection piece is handcrafted with special meaning in order to provide you with a quality handbag collection.

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