Photo Organization: Creating A Gallery Wall Of Treasured Moments

by Mom Organizing Moms

Posted on December 2, 2015

So many of us are capturing beloved moments of our children, family, and events then uploading to social media with rapid speed, but are we slowing down to preserve these cherished photos in a special way so they can be enjoyed each day? In the fast-paced world we all live in, probably not.

I don’t know about you, but I miss the days of film, especially when my son was young. With each roll I had developed, I would request three copies. One for my mom, one for my in-laws, and one set for us. I loved placing our favorite images in frames and displaying them around our home and then putting the rest into an album. Amidst the digital age, it seems more difficult now to take the time to print and frame our treasured images.

We spoke with local designer and art installer, Tom Borrelli of artplus designs, about organizing a photo gallery in your home or office. Tom is recognized as Nashville’s premiere art installation designer, and is known for designing beautiful wall galleries for many high profile clients. His work is featured at the Grand Ole Opry and the Nashville Symphony, among many music companies throughout Music Row.

The first thing we want to share is that hiring an art installation designer to design layout, select mat and molding, and then install grouping is an efficient and cost effective way of creating your masterpiece. Photo galleries are works of art that you, your family, and friends will enjoy for years to come, so positioning of each piece and the way they are securely installed are key.


Similar to how Mom Organizing Moms, LLC assists clients through a series of questions when helping them purge belongings that no longer serve them or their family, Tom has a highly skilled and experienced eye to help you pull photos from your digital files that mean the most and that will make a wonderful assortment. His ability to design a collection leaves his clients speechless. Many of them ask him back immediately to create more galleries in other parts of their home or office.

A great way to update wall-mounted frames you already own is to paint them all the same color for a clean, fresh look. Another trick is to paint them the same color of your wall using eggshell or semi-gloss paint. It doesn’t matter if the frames differ in size or style, a cohesive color scheme will create visual interest.

One of Tom’s clients sought his expertise to create a gallery of the family’s lineage. He scanned, resized, matted and framed both heirloom and new black and white images in the same color frame, but with two varying detailed moldings to differentiate between the two sides of family. This was a unique and creative way of displaying each image within the grouping.

Another element to enhance your gallery and make it pop is lighting. Tom’s experienced team has many affordable options and solutions to fit any budget that work in most environments. Great lighting will ignite your gallery wall so it is center stage for everyone to enjoy.

Mom Organizing Moms, LLC strives to refresh others, so we hope this piece will inspire you to consider organizing your prized images into a photo gallery of your own. This can even be a fun project for the entire family, and a wonderful gift idea this holiday season!

For more information contact Tom Borrelli at: artplusdesigns.com