Organizing Family Time Through The Gift of Books This Holiday Season

by Mom Organizing Moms

Posted on December 10, 2015

Nashville is known for music, but it is also home to many authors. Today, we are delighted to feature a wonderful collection of children’s books by local writers that we hope will inspire you to give the children in your life this holiday season.

Christmas Eve is traditionally a night when children are allowed to open one gift – usually new pajamas. How delightful it would be if this gift included an engaging story, or two, that can be enjoyed by the entire family throughout the year.

The Dotted Line


Still is Being Quiet Written by Caroline Bridges Cook:

Through many colorful images and engaging examples, little ones will learn what they can do when they are still and quiet, such as counting stars while gazing at the moon or watching a baby bird peek above its nest. This book ends with a journal where personal examples can be noted of “I am still when…,” along with the scripture Psalm 46:10: Be still and know that I am God.

Joy is Christmas Morning Written Caroline Bridges Cook:

This precious book teaches children the importance of being grateful for the many joys they experience each day. There is a joy journal in the back of the book where personal examples can be noted, along with the scripture Psalm 47:1: Clap your hands, all you people shout to God with joy!

Kind is Saying Thank you Written Caroline Bridges Cook:

This book teaches children about what it means to be kind, from saying excuse me and thank you to giving food to the hungry. There is space in the back of the book where examples of being kind can be noted, along with the scripture Galatians 5:22-23: But the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control.

Magpies Nashville

Zen Pig Volume 1 Written by Mark Brown:

This book strives to teach children Zen ways of life. The author talks about how Zen Pig takes the time to look at things closely and is fully aware in the moment. The book teaches children the importance of caring for each other as much as themselves, and knowing that love is true wealth.

The Blueberry Bush Written by Stephen Butler:

In this fun and charming book, we learn what children do when they find themselves in a precarious situation. They seek mom, and that is exactly what Princess Victoria and Prince William did after their skin turned blue from eating too many blueberries in the forest.

Zen Pig Volume 1/Issue 2, The Wonder We Are Written by Mark Brown:

A monkey and a tiger are baffled when they find Zen Pig staring at a tree. Zen Pig explains that when he looks at the tree, he sees every drop of rain and every ray of sunlight. He goes on to say that the whole of nature is more than it appears. If we look closely and keep our minds clear, then we will see the wonder we are; our great connection even with the stars.

Parnassus Books

Sleep Tight Nashville Written by Dave Dietrich and Debbie Brown:

A cute puppy named Banjo travels to many iconic places in Nashville. He visits Nashville Shores, The Adventure Science Center, Second Avenue, Grand Ole Opry, Ryman Auditorium, the Batman Building, and more. It’s a beautifully illustrated book for a child who lives in Nashville, or one who plans to visit.

White's Mercantile


The Most Written by Anna McCoy:

A creatively illustrated book about our desire to hear we are loved. The book is filled with many animals sharing their individual characteristics, while they wonder if they are loved the most. It ends with the author noting they are all different and loved not one more so than all the rest.

Mom Organizing Moms, LLC strives to refresh others, so savor one of the best ways to enjoy stimulating family time through the joy of reading, and create memories that will last lifetime!