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by Mom Organizing Moms

Posted on October 10, 2017

Earlier this year, Mom Organizing Moms president and founder, Tammy Maharrey, had the opportunity to sit down with Closetbox to discuss the origins of Mom Organizing Moms, the mission of the company, what to expect from a Maharrey-led organizing experience, and how to best prepare for a professional organization. The original post, “The Organizing Resource Every Nashville Mom Needs,” can be found here.

Closetbox is an innovative national storage company that helps busy families store their belongings safely and easily. Closetbox was founded to free its clients from the hassle of loading, hauling, and moving items into storage. The company provides full-service, valet storage with a no-hassle pickup and on-demand return delivery for the cost of a traditional self-storage unit.

From Heartbreak to Home Organizing

In 2002, Maharrey was diagnosed with cancer (now in remission). Soon after, her husband was diagnosed with cancer and passed away just seven months later. Realizing the importance of family time, Maharrey formed Mom Organizing Moms in 2014 to provide much-needed help for families so that they can focus on enjoying more quality time together. The mission of Mom Organizing Moms is to assist families so they will have more time for togetherness and fun!

In the article, she states: “I guess I just have a heart for mothers in general. They try to perform so many tasks, and they get very little rest or time for themselves. If something like an illness or situational crisis comes to a family, mothers must focus all of their attention on survival, caring for their family and their careers. There is very little time for anything else to get done at home.”

Helping the Modern Family

Families with two working parents are now the norm, not the exception. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics more than 60 percent of families with children, both parents are working. Among families of other marital statuses with children, the mother was employed in 72.5 percent of those maintained by mothers, and the father was employed in 82.6% of those maintained by fathers. The BLS goes on to note that both of these figures were up from the previous year.

That’s a lot of working families! And a lot of stress and a lot of juggling.

“Where moms and families are concerned, I would love to just be the one who steps out and feels free to say to the awesome moms of the world, this is situational, this isn’t going to last forever! If you’re struggling as a mom, it’s because you have so much on your plate,” said Maharrey in the article.

“You’re trying to be the personal shopper, the cook, the cleaning lady, the laundry person…” she continued. “You’re doing your best to learn and grow in your career, you’re called to be the tutor, the one who makes sure everyone gets bathed and has everything in order for the next work/school day! You feel pulled because your first priority is to nurture and love your family and nourish the relationships within the home and the busyness of life sometimes gets in the way—that’s a lot for any person to handle!”

What to Expect From Mom Organizing Moms

When you call on Mom Organizing Moms, you can expect personalized, compassionate, and empathetic service. The most successful professional organizers are those who listen, assess your goals, and take careful consideration of your unique situation. We understand that something that works beautifully for one family may not work for you. Every family, every family situation, and every interpersonal dynamic is unique. Expect an in-person and in-depth consultation at your home to get the process rolling.

Whether you’re looking for a full home organization or need someone to help you pack for the vacation of your dreams, Mom Organizing Moms has the services to assist you!

How to Prepare for a Professional Organizer

To get the most from your professional organizing session, set aside enough time to focus and work through your first consultation. The more detail you can provide, the happier you’ll be with the results!

Be Honest

Being honest with both yourself and your organizer may be harder than you think! Don’t be bashful! Be thoughtful about your strengths and your weaknesses. We are here to assist you without judgment or condemnation! We encourage our clients to ask lots of questions. Don’t worry, we’re on your team!

For more information about our tailored, professional organizing services, contact Mom Organizing Moms today!